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Wing Chun

what is

Wing Chun

Wing Chun is a traditional Chinese Kung Fu style and a form of self-defense, which utilizes striking and grappling in close-range combat.

Wing Chun is very practical in the modern world, it can be learned in a relatively short period of time, and it can be practiced by people of all sizes, shapes and degrees of athletic ability.

Wing Chun teaches how to prevent, deal and overcome all kinds of violence and attacks. It has been taught and integrated into the training programs of law enforcement agencies around the world such as the US Navy Seals, FBI, CIA, French RAID and German SEK units.

Wing Chun was created by the Buddhist Ng Mu, who was a master of Shaolin Kung Fu. Using her martial training and personal experience, she synthesized a compact form of Kung Fu to exploit weaknesses inherent in the other combat styles of her time and give an advantage to smaller fighters like herself.

Wing Chun gained popularity when Grandmaster Ip Man (October 1, 1893 – December 2, 1972) began to teach openly in China and Hong Kong. His most known student was Bruce Lee.

why wing chun is the

Most efficient martial art

Wing Chun was developed for crowded environments such as big cities. It is a close-quarters system that can be used even when assaulted in a confined space like a cramped hallway, stairwell or elevator. It is primarily an empty-hands system, allowing someone to defend themselves even when unarmed. It is based on reflexive movements, training you to respond instantly and instinctually to a surprise attack as opposed to a consensual fight or sport combat match. Wing Chun is simple, direct and efficient.

While many systems of martial arts require a decade or more to learn, Wing Chun was designed to be learned in the shortest time possible. With regular, consistent practice you can learn the entire core system in about two years. Mastery of the system, of course, takes a lifetime.

Proper training in Wing Chun builds a high degree of physical fitness as well as mental focus. Consistent practice develops extraordinary sensitivity, balance, endurance and coordination.

Other systems block and then attack; Wing Chun defends and attacks simultaneously. Other systems draw back or chamber their punches before they strike; Wing Chun hits without warning from any position. Other systems require a wind-up to generate force; Wing Chun uses the structure of the entire body to create power in a small space.

Wing Chun is the most efficient martial art ever developed.


Grandmaster Xiao Ming Lu (Sifu Lu) developed a unique style (system) of Wing Chun. He constantly improved the MING WU Kung Fu system for over 20 years. The MING WU system combines authentic Wing Chun with some efficient techniques of other Kung Fu styles into one.

Bruce Lee learned 26 different martial arts techniques including Wing Chun, Salit, Karate, Boxing, Judo, Kali and Jujitsu which he combined to his own technique, called Jeet Kune Do. This combination of martial arts allowed him to beat any opponent. Big traditional Kung Fu families like MING WU, teach the same way. We practice hands, legs, standing fight, floor fight, we train power, speed and strength and we aim to build the iron body.

MING WU Kung Fu is authentic Wing Chun, combined with some efficient techniques from Karate, Judo, Jujitsu, Muay Thai and Taekwondo.