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Xiao Ming Lu

Grandmaster Xiao Ming Lu (Sifu Lu) is celebrated as one of the 8 most famous Kung Fu Masters in Modern China. In the US, he is recognized as one of the rare authentic Wing Chun masters. He won many national and international Kung Fu tournaments and awards, he earned respect from the highest Wing Chun Grandmasters worldwide.

Sifu Lu was born into a Kung Fu family. His grandfather started teaching him at age 4. Sifu Lu is a 3rd generation student of IP Man Wing Chun.

Sifu Lu is a proven expert in Wing Chun, BaJi Quan, Xin Yi Quan, Tongbei Quan and Chinese Medicine. He also practices Western Boxing, Kick Boxing, Karate, Judo, Jiujitsu and Muay Thai.

In 2007 Sifu Lu opened his first Wing Chun school in Shanghai. 2011 he established the Ming Kung Fu school in Hangzhou. 2018 he moved to Miami, to bring MING WU Kung Fu to The USA. Today he has over 1,000 students following him.

Sifu Lu teaches traditional Wing Chun, combined with some efficient moves of Karate, Judo, Jujitsu, Muay Thai and Taekwondo.


Ip Man Wing Chun

3rd generation descendant of Ip Man Wing Chun

Best Of China

One of the 8 most famous Kung Fu Masters in Modern China

Chin Woo Athletic

#1 Win Chun Master of Shanghai Chin Woo Athletic Federation

Lu Xin Yi Quan

4th generation descendant of Shanghai Lu Xin Yi Quan

Ming Wu Kung Fu

Founder of Ming Wu Kung Fu – Shanghai, Hangzhou, Miami

Zhonghua Wushi

Chairman of Shanghai Zhonghua Wushi Association

Henan University

Professor of Traditional Chinese Medicine at Henan University


Professor of Traditional Chinese Medicine at Luoyang Sports Institute


Professor of Chinese Martial Arts


Recognition of invaluable services